Middle School Textbook Order Site:
2020-2021 Textbooks

Welcome Middle School Parents,

Thank you for visiting our textbook order site for grades 7 and 8. This ordering site is for Middle School only. 

We suggest that you and your child go through this process of ordering textbooks together. Your child may have preferences or information that you are unaware of that you need to know to place the order correctly.

Before you begin, please take note of the following:

  • Be sure to complete a separate textbook order for each one of your children in grades 7 and 8.
  • Please place your order using a DESKTOP or LAPTOP. This order form has a lot of content and it is recommended to view using a larger screen.  Phones are not recommended because items may not align properly.
  • Login required to order textbooks. If you are having trouble with your login, contact Erica Bolstein at  ebolstein@lhps.org

Steps for Placing a Textbook Order


#1: Parents, you must have your child's Course Placement letter in front of you to order the accurate textbooks. You should have received your student’s course placement letter delivered or mailed on May 22nd. If you do not receive the placement packet from the Middle School, or you have misplaced it, please contact Lauren Maxwell lmaxwell@lhps.org, Associate Director for Curriculum & Instruction.

Once you have reviewed your student’s Course Placement letter, read the instructions below then proceed to the order link also found below.  If you are appealing a placement of a course, please wait until appeal decision has been received before ordering that specific course textbook. 

#2:     All 7th grade students should order the following course textbooks:

- Civics
- Math (see course placement on letter)
- English (see course placement on letter)
- Earth/Space Science
- World Language (if electing to take a Middle School full-year course)

All 8th grade students should order the following course textbooks:
- American History (Optional)
- Physical Science
- Math (see course placement on letter)
- English (see course placement on letter)
- World Language (if electing a Middle School full-year or Level I  course)

For some classes there is only one choice. After you have chosen what is needed or if you do not need a book for that class, click the CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE tab.

#3: Repeat this process for every class your student has requested for next year. 

#4: To complete the process and submit your order, click the blue FINISH tab.


Click here for Middle School textbook orders

NOTE: Upper School students will be ordering course materials and selling back used textbooks through the vendor MBS Direct (now called BNC) for the 2020-2021 school year. Upper School textbook ordering will not be done at this web page. The Upper School Bookstore will be opening on or around July 20th. Parents will receive email notification and instructions prior to the Upper School Bookstore opening. If you have further questions about US textbook ordering, please contact Keisa Sensabaugh, Administrative Assistant Upper School, at ksensabaugh@lhps.org or ext. 3283.